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Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Skills and knowledge of fire protection - systematic fire prevention activity is an integral part of fire protection. With a Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System, you will get effective protection that can reduce fire damage, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Mining machine with Dafo Vehicle system

What we offer

We offer a complete range of Fire Suppression Systems for vehicles. We have a full range of everything from simple solutions to tailor-made systems for all types of heavy vehicles, buses, forestry machines, mining- and construction machines.

Fires in vehicles are often very violent and are difficult to extinguish with a hand-held fire extinguisher. With a properly designed Fire Suppression System, you get fast and effective protection that reduces the consequences of a fire.

We can meet today's high demands on delivering precision and quality and are well experienced at delivering directly to the production line. This experience and flexible production in our state-of-the-art premises mean we can offer a high degree of customer adaptation at a favourable cost and a reasonable delivery time.

Adapting to customer needs

Our broad product range and independent position allow us always to offer the best solution for the customer's needs, regardless of fuel, regulations, and local standards. Our worldwide network of specialists means that we can undertake everything from risk assessment, installations, factory support, training, and maintenance all over the world.

Quality, Reliability, and Cost Efficiency are essential elements for the automotive industry. To meet these high demands, Dafo has adapted and optimized our supply chain for the high volumes and extensive requirements within the automotive industry.

All relevant information can be found here on our website, but you are, of course, welcome to contact us directly.

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