Transport of hazardous goods

Truck with timber on the road

Fire protection systems when transporting hazardous goods 

A lot of hazardous goods are being transported on ordinary roads. Some of these materials which may not usually be thought of as hazardous materials can be flammable fibrous material such as round timber and shavings, chips, and peat in bulk form. 
Vehicles and trucks for transporting these types of materials are sometimes requested by the insurance industry to be protected with fire suppression systems.  
The fire suppression system normally protects the engine compartment and heater, but in some cases also the power transmission and hydraulic equipment.  
The fire suppression system is activated electrically via the fire alarm, but can also be activated via the alarm panel located in the operator cabin or via an external activation point. The extinguishing agent is distributed through the pipe system with specially designed nozzles that effectively cover the protected areas.  
The fire alarm consists of our linear detector that is mounted in the protected spaces.  


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