A man holding a small tree in his hands

Dafo Vehicle work to save lives, property, and the environment. It is important for us to take responsibility for our products, employees, customers, and a sustainable environment. Our operations must be safe for both people and the environment. This means that we are constantly developing our operations to minimize our environmental impact. As a minimum, we comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements.

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental work reducing our energy consumption emissions and using energy from renewable sources - especially from transport, travel and running our facilities. We will have a wide network of warehousing facilities close to our customers to minimize the environmental impact.

We take responsibility by setting environmental requirements for our suppliers and we will join customers and partners in working to develop environmentally sound products and working methods.

Waste reduction is in place, and we always reuse as much material as possible. All waste is recycled in the best possible way.

We work to prevent and reduce our environmental impact through product development, skills development, information and by setting measurable environmental objectives.