Linear heat detector

Dafo Vehicle Linear Heat Detector

The Dafo Vehicle Linear Detection Wire is a mechanically resistant and reliable detection system that detects heat anywhere along its length. The Dafo Vehicle Linear Detection is used in the engine compartments. It has a fixed temperature sensor meaning that an alarm signal is triggered when the activation temperature of 180 °C is reached. The sensor cable consists of two steel conductors, each insulated with a heat-sensitive polymer. At the activation temperature of 180 °C, the heat-sensitive polymer will melt, and the conductors will short circuit initiating an alarm 

Due to its ease of installation, space-saving design, and low cost, the Dafo Vehicle Detection Wire is an excellent choice in, e.g., Buses, Construction Machinery, Off-Road Vehicles, Conveyors & Cable Trays.

The wire could be applied at virtually any length with the integrity of full circuit supervision.

The Dafo Vehicle Linear Detection Wire does not need to be heated for a specific length, thus combining the performance of a spot detector with the convenience of the line coverage.

The Dafo Vehicle Linear Detection Wire is easy to install and locate to ensure optimal performance combined with excellent serviceability.

The wire can be spliced for even greater flexibility.

The Dafo Vehicle Linear Detection Wire gives high performance at an attractive price, both from a material and installation point of view.