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Dafo Vehicle Fire protection for buses and coaches

Are you looking for a premier partner in fire protection solutions for buses and coaches? Dafo Vehicle' state-of-the-art systems are designed to ensure the highest levels of safety for passengers and operators, providing peace of mind with reliable and effective fire suppression technology.

Proven Expertise

With over a century of experience in fire safety, Dafo Vehicle is a global leader in developing and implementing fire suppression systems. Bus and coach manufacturers, operators, and fleet managers worldwide trust our expertise. Our experienced engineers understand the life cycle of a bus. Starting with the factory integration, where we design the system to support the bus OEM installation process, and at the same time, we ensure that service availability for the end-user is supported.


Bus showing engine room and Dafo Vehicle fire suppression system

Why Choose Dafo Vehicle?

Comprehensive Fire Protection

Our fire protection solutions are meticulously designed to detect and suppress fires quickly and efficiently. We offer tailored systems that fit the unique needs of various bus and coach models, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Limited maintenance and superior system reliability of a Dafo Vehicle system contribute to a high vehicle uptime and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) which is essential for the profitability of bus companies. 

Innovative Technology

Dafo Vehicle utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide advanced fire detection and suppression. Our systems, independent of drivetrain technology, can identify even the smallest signs of a fire, activating suppression mechanisms instantaneously to prevent the spread of flames.

Experience Unmatched Safety with Hexa+

Hexa+ from Dafo Vehicle is a trusted and comprehensive vehicle fire protection methododolgy, meticulously crafted to meet your needs. Our all-inclusive service covers everything from risk analysis and system design to delivery, training, installation, and a full range of after-sales support. With over a century of expertise, Hexa+ is the choice of Dafo Vehicle customers worldwide, ensuring compliance with both national and international safety standards.


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Buses with alternative fuels

Today more and more buses with alternative fuels are operating our streets. These buses does not pose higher, but different fire risks compared to the standard combustion engines. It is an ongoing learning process for the operators, drivers, fire brigades etc. in terms of having new components to handle and new skills to be gained in order to deal with alternative fuel vehicles in the safest way possible.

In this video, recorded by Sustainable Bus, Risk Management Specialist Tommy Carnebo speaks about the challenges and opportunities with these alternative fuels buses.

How the system works

The Dafo Vehicle fire suppression system consists of four integrated elements; DetectionAlarmSuppression and Control, which work together in a coordinated, fast and efficient way to suppress fires. The detection system consists of a linear heat detector wire. It has a fixed temperature sensor with an alarm signal triggered when the activation temperature of 180°C is reached. This signal punctures the burst disc of the propellant gas cartridge, which releases nitrogen into the agent container.


The Forrex liquid is distributed to the nozzles through the pipe system. At the same time, the alarm system is activated, and an alarm horn in the vehicle and a light signal in the panel will warn the driver. The liquid agent will push away the oxygen, cool down the overheated engine parts, impregnate the burning material, stick to surfaces and effectively prevent re-ignition. The Forrex is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. 


The control unit has a Real-time Clock and Event Log that allows access to historical data, making it possible to analyze previous events.


Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression system for buses with Vulcan
Safety and compliance

Safety and Compliance

Are you using an approved fire protection system? We prioritize safety and adhere to stringent industry standards and regulations. Dafo Vehicle’s fire suppression systems are approved as a component under UNECE Regulation No. 107 and P-marked in accordance with SPCR 183. Our fire protection solutions comply with international safety norms, ensuring that your buses and coaches meet all necessary safety requirements.

Would you like to know more about our standards?

Passenger safety is a top priority for Dafo Vehicle. Creating a Fire Suppression System that combines superior reliability with a valuable low TCO is a challenge that our engineers have solved in an impressive way

Jonas Bergström

Business Line Manager - Bus and Coach

Bus passenger

Ready to enhance the safety of your buses and coaches? Contact Dafo Vehicle today to learn more about our fire protection solutions and how we can customize a system to meet your specific needs.

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Jonas Bergström

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