Quality & Environmental Policy

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Quality policy

Dafo Vehicle continuously works to ensure that we have satisfied customers by always providing the best solution of fire suppression systems for the vehicle industry in accordance with current regulations.   

The work we do should be characterized by high quality throughout the chain, from design to delivery. We must track our products where necessary and meet the customer’s requirements and other requirements for our products and services. Non-conformities are recorded, and corrective actions are taken immediately.

Dafo Vehicle works together with its customers and suppliers to increase availability, improve the service, and minimize non-conformities. By focusing on making continuous improvements and regularly monitoring and reviewing our working methods and objectives, we are working to increase customer satisfaction and become an even better and more attractive partner.     


Environmental policy

Dafo Vehicle work to save lives, property, and the environment. We need to take responsibility for our products, employees, customers, and a sustainable environment. Our operations must be safe for both people and the environment. This means that we are constantly developing our operations to minimize our environmental impact. As a minimum, we comply with laws, regulations, and other requirements.

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental work and reducing our energy consumption and emissions - especially from transport and travel. We will have a wide network of warehousing facilities close to our customers to minimize the environmental impact.

We take responsibility by setting environmental requirements for our suppliers, and we will join customers and partners in developing environmentally sound products and working methods.

We work to prevent and reduce our environmental impact through product development, skills development, information, and by setting measurable environmental objectives.