Whistleblower function


Whistleblower function 

Dafo Vehicle's whistleblower function provides a dedicated reporting channel that enables Dafo Vehicle's employees and other stakeholders to bring attention to severe improprieties in the company.

It is essential that severe issues such as various types of irregularities or matters where health and life are in danger emerge so that we as an organization have the opportunity to act. 

If you think something is wrong, please let us know securely. 

What can you report?

An example of a problem you can report is when someone in our organization or a partner violates our Code of Conduct — what we as a company stand for, our values, and how we do business. Or if you have encountered more serious irregularities and actual violations of the law, such as fraud, embezzlement, corruption, breach of trust, information theft, corporate espionage, and data breaches.

You can use the following questions to work out how you should act.

  • Do you see a problem/situation that violates what we stand for or how we expect our work to be conducted?
  • Do you consider what has happened to be legally or ethically justifiable?
  • Would our business be harmed if the situation became known to the public?
  • How would you view the problem/situation if you were a customer or another stakeholder?

How to report 

Reports can be filed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To access the whistleblowing website and start filing your report in the Trumpet whistleblowing function, click "START REPORTING" below or enter trumpet-whistleblowing.EU on any device (computer, tablet, or mobile phone).

A report filed through Trumpet is always handled with the highest anonymity and confidentiality. To avoid tracking your online activity, choose a private computer or mobile phone and log into the service from a trusted network, such as your home network.

You will be guided throughout the process. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be read at each step.

For the complete procedure, please download the document below.