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Dafo Vehicle employees

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Business & Sales

Anton Lund Gulliksson;

Anton Lund Gulliksson

Account Manager

Fredrik Martini;

Fredrik Martini

Service Sales Manager

Fredrik Rosén, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Rosén

Business Manager Europe, Middle East, North-, West- and Central Africa

Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Holger Pfriem

Business Manager Asia and Australasia

Ido Ezuz;

Ido Ezuz

Business Manager Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Italy & the Balkan states

Joakim Johansson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Joakim Johansson

Business Manager Sweden and Norway

Jonas Bergström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Jonas Bergström

Business Manager - Bus and Coach

Marcello Sanchez, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Marcello Sanchez

Business Manager Latin America, Southwest Europe and South Africa


Anders Gulliksson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Gustav Daggenfelt, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Gustav Daggenfelt

Documentation Engineer

Johan Östlund, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Kaj Dahlström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;
Max Näsström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Max Näsström

Product Designer

Mikael Kjell, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mikael Kjell

Quality Coordinator

Peter Eriksson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Peter Eriksson

Engineering Support

Finance & Administration

Annika Kindwall, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Annika Kindwall

Administrative Support

Inger Tufvesson;

Inger Tufvesson

Senior Chief Accountant

Josefin Larsson;

Josefin Larsson

Business Controller

Josephine Samuelson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Josephine Skantze

CFO & HR Director

Installation & Service

Christer Summanen, Dafo Vehicle North;

Christer Summanen

Site Manager Älvsbyn

Dennis Koglin, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Dennis Koglin

Training & Installation Design

Ferzat Haji;

Ferzat Haji

Service Technician

Jerry Carlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jerry Carlsson

Team Leader Installation & Service

Jimmy Karlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jimmy Karlsson

Installation & Service

Johan Andersson, Dafo Vehicle North;

Johan Andersson

Installation & Service

Johan Carlsson;

Johan Carlsson

Installation & Service

Mikael Widgren, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Mikael Widgren

Installation & Service

Niklas Eriksson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Niklas Eriksson

Installation & Service

Niklas Lundkvist, Dafo Vehicle North;

Niklas Lundkvist

Installation & Service

Patrik Wikstrom;

Patrik Wikström

Installation & Service

Peter Zurkirchen, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Peter Zurkirchen

OEM Installation Instructor

Pierre Gustafsson;

Pierre Gustafsson

Installation & Service

SG Ekenheim, Training & Installation Design Dafo Vehicle;

Sven Gunnar (SG) Ekenheim

Training & Installation Design

Stefan Forsman;

Stefan Forsman

Service Technician

Sten-Ake Karlsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Sten-Åke Karlsson

Installation & Service

Susanne Ahlin;

Susanne Åhlin

Installation & Service


Hannu Sartovuo, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Hannu Sartovuo

Sales Director / Vice President

Johan Balstad, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Johan Balstad

Sales Director / Vice President

Josephine Samuelson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Josephine Skantze

CFO & HR Director

Sofie Sorelind;

Sofie Sörelind

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Robert Stål;


Fredrik Rosén, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Rosén

Marketing Manager

Åsa Westhammar;

Åsa Westhammar

Marketing Coordinator


Lars Olof Helgesson Larsson, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;
Simon Lundström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Simon Lundström

Operations Manager

Operations - Customer & Sales Support

Daniel Olausson, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Daniel Olausson

Team Leader Customer & Sales support

Mathias Forsmark, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mathias Forsmark

Customer & Sales Support

Mats Berglund, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Mats Berglund

Customer & Sales Support

Niklas Lundström, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Niklas Lundström

Customer & Sales Support

Richard Akesson;

Richard Åkesson

Customer & Sales Support

Operations - Production

Dennis Wallin, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Dennis Wallin

Production - On leave

Silhouette man;

Jesper Ek

Production Supervisor

Jimmy Saxwold, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Jimmy Boberg Sköld

Team Leader Production


Nejat Bashir Abdulkadir


Operations - Purchasing

Risk Management

Tommy Carnebo;

Tommy Carnebo

Risk Management Specialist

Dafo Asia SDN BHD

Abdul Walid Bin Abdul Wahab, Dafo Asia;

Abdul Walid Bin Abdul Wahab

Technical Engineer


Afif Irfaan Bin Najhan

Warehouse & Production


Chia Choon Siong

Warehouse & Production

Chu Huei Ying;

Chu Huei Ying

Administrative support

Holger Pfriem, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Holger Pfriem

Managing Director Dafo Asia

Kimberley Wong Pin Nie;

Kimberley Wong Pin Nie

Administrative assistant

Suhadah Shukri (Sue);

Suhadah Shukri (Sue)


Yee Chee Meng;

Yee Chee Meng

Technical Executive

Dafo Energy Storage Protection

Dafo France

Remy Cimino in Dafo France ;

Rémy Cimino

Business Manager France & Benelux

Dafo US

Adrian Gerth, Dafo US;

Adrian Gerth

Operations Manager

Chris Conway, Dafo US;

Chris Conway

Technical Director

Darrin Stevens, Dafo US;

Darrin Stevens

Research and Field Technician

Jay Taylor, Dafo US;

Jay Taylor

Regional Manager

Joey Peoples, Dafo US;

Joseph Peoples


Robert Ratliff, Dafo US;

Robert Ratliff

Account Manager

Dafo Vehicle Estonia OÜ

Lauri Nirgi, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Lauri Nirgi

Development Manager / Site Manager Estonia

Mart Soodla, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Mart Soodla

Electronics & Software Engineer

Meelis Reimets, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Meelis Reimets

Electronics & Software Engineer

Meelis Valdur, Dafo Vehicle Estonia;

Meelis Valdur

Software Engineer

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection Finland Oy

Hannu Sartovuo, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Hannu Sartovuo

CEO Dafo Vehicle OY

Jari Kuisma, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Jari Kuisma

Installation & Service

Sami Saarelainen, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Sami Saarelainen

Account Manager Forestry

Teemu Kemppainen;

Teemu Kemppainen

Installation & Service

Tuomas Tapper, Dafo Vehicle Finland;

Tuomas Tapper

Installation & Service

Vesa Vahtiala 500X500;

Vesa Vahtiala

Logistics coordinator & Customer Sales Support