The Hexa + method

Dafo Safeguarding

Together we minimize fire hazards and improve safety

Hexa + is a methodology used when Dafo Vehicle collaborates with customers around the world to ensure that people, vehicles and businesses are not harmed by fire.

We typically work closely with our clients´ safety and environmental managers in order to continuously improve the safety environment of the clients´ operations. The method often results in tailor-made solutions that meet the special needs of each workplace and comprises the whole chain; from risk assessment to the right prevention measures – as well as contingency plans in case a fire does happen, including practical training. Hexa + can also be used to ensure that all current national and international safety rules are met for maximum safety.

Below, you can find out more about Risk Analysis, System Design, System Delivery, Training, Installation and After-sales – the six different areas that together make up Hexa +.

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Dafo Vehicle risk analysis

Risk Analysis

Together with you, our client, we identify any possible events or functionalities that might interrupt the operation and safety of your vehicles and personnel. A complete risk analysis will provide recommendations and actions to ensure legal compliance, optimal vehicle protection, site protection and thus the overall safety of people and property.

System Design

We guarantee a tailor-made hardware design that has the best level for your vehicles. Using bespoke risk analysis and protection area layout, your items fitments, instructions and documentation are secured, reflecting your needs, manufacturers´ design criteria as well as all applicable legislation.

Dafo Vehicle system design
Dafo Vehicle system delivery

System Delivery

Dafo Vehicle´s systems are built with the utmost care and an extraordinary level of craftmanship – from initial design to final product, resulting in optimal fire safety and quality in manufacture, delivery and use. We gladly supply plug-and-play products – an option highly appreciated by our OEM customers. At Dafo Vehicle we proud ourselves to always deliver what we promised you as our customer.


The training package included in Hexa + ensures competence and professionalism to achieve the highest quality level concerning installation, usage, service, and maintenance. It includes both permanent and temporary staff. For maximum safety, Dafo Vehicle continually monitors any changes in national and international regulations and thus updates our training program accordingly.

Dafo Vehicle Training
Dafo Vehicle installation


Dafo Vehicle pledge to deliver and install comprehensive solutions that targets risk – ensuring operational continuity and minimizing potential downtime for our clients.

After Sales

Regardless of where in the world you need us, Dafo Vehicle is close at hand. And our support continues after the sale, making sure that your fire suppression system continues to protect your vehicle every second – the way it was designed to. We look forward to assisting you with support, service, maintenance and the prompt delivery of any spare parts you might need.

Dafo Vehicle after sales