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Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection Systems for Agriculture

Dafo Vehicle is a leading provider of advanced fire protection solutions tailored specifically for the agricultural industry. Our innovative systems are designed to safeguard your valuable machinery, crops, and operations, ensuring safety and efficiency in all agricultural environments.

Expertise in Agriculture

Although farming technology and agricultural equipment keep evolving, heavy vehicles such as tractors, combines, and ploughs used in daily operations still pose a considerable fire risk. With a history of over a century in fire safety, Dafo Vehicle is a trusted name in fire suppression technology. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges of the agricultural sector, offering robust protection for your equipment and workforce.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that each agricultural operation has its own specific needs. The machines working in the fields can often experience debris buildup from the ground material. Straw and crop residue can easily ignite from the various heated components in the machine.

Our fire protection systems are customized to fit the unique requirements of your machinery and facilities, offering precise and effective coverage that minimizes risk and enhances safety.

Advanced Technology

The Dafo Vehicle systems are at the forefront of fire detection and suppression technology. Regardless of drivetrain technology, our systems are designed to detect fires at the earliest possible stage and swiftly deploy suppression agents, ensuring the continuity of your operations and instilling confidence in the safety of your machinery.

Why choose Dafo Vehicle?

Agricultural fires can be devastating, resulting in the loss of machinery, livestock, and stores of hay and straw and causing significant harm to the surrounding environment. Many combustible materials are often stored in or around agricultural buildings. The isolated location and sometimes poor water supply mean a risk of farm fires getting out of control.

Correctly planned and installed, a fire suppression system is a fast and effective way of providing the protection you need to prevent a disaster. The flexible, fully automatic system detects and extinguishes fire rapidly. It is designed to perform even under severe conditions in harsh environments.

Dafo Vehicle’s systems bring you the convenience of easy on-site maintenance and refill, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs. This is especially beneficial as agricultural machines often operate in remote places. 

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Attain Superior Safety with Hexa+

Hexa+ from Dafo Vehicle offers a dependable and all-inclusive vehicle fire protection solution, meticulously customized to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive service spans every aspect of fire protection, including risk analysis, system design, delivery, training, installation, and extensive after-sales support. Backed by over 100 years of expertise, Hexa+ is the preferred choice for Dafo Vehicle customers worldwide, ensuring compliance with both national and international safety standards.

How the system works

The Dafo Vehicle fire suppression system consists of four integrated elements; Detection, Alarm, Suppression and Control, which work together in a coordinated, fast and efficient way to suppress fires. The detection system consists of a linear heat detector wire. It has a fixed temperature sensor with an alarm signal triggered when the activation temperature of 180°C is reached. This signal punctures the burst disc of the propellant gas cartridge, which releases nitrogen into the agent container.


The Forrex liquid is distributed to the nozzles through the pipe system. At the same time, the alarm system is activated, and an alarm horn in the vehicle and a light signal in the panel will warn the driver. The liquid agent will push away the oxygen, cool down the overheated engine parts, impregnate the burning material, stick to surfaces and effectively prevent re-ignition. The Forrex is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. 


The control unit has a Real-time Clock and Event Log that allows access to historical data, making it possible to analyze previous events.


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Safety and compliance

Compliance and Reliability

Dafo Vehicle’s fire protection solutions adhere to stringent industry standards and regulations. We ensure that your equipment meets all necessary safety requirements, providing you with peace of mind and operational confidence.

In Sweden, insurance companies demand on-board fire suppression systems for several types of agricultural machines. The Dafo Vehicle fire protection system is particularly effective for these machines, where a combination of fibrous materials with oils and fuels can cause severe fires.

Further, Dafo Vehicle can provide solutions for equipment not currently covered by regulations, such as straw presses.

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