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Tommy Carnebo lecture

Tommy Carnebo works for Dafo Vehicle as Risk Management Specialist. He is a former firefighter and one of Sweden's leading experts in vehicle fires.

During his 20 years of working for the Swedish Rescue Service, Tommy Carnebo specialized in fire safety for vehicles, especially vehicles with alternative fuels such as gas, hybrid- and electric cars. 

His expertise in this field is highly demanded, and he is often hired as a lecturer by companies, insurance companies, authorities, rescue services, and media globally. 

One of his most popular presentations is "The big risks with electric vehicles." In this lecture, he speaks about the challenges with electric vehicles and why they are very different from standard cars. How is an electric car built, and how does it work? What happens when they burn? How do you handle an EV fire, and is it possible to put it out?

The lecture is presented from the first and second responders' perspectives. It also includes what the government, insurance companies, housing developers, and others must think about when it comes to electric vehicles' challenges.

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Tommy Carnebo;

Tommy Carnebo

Risk Management Specialist