Ground support equipment

Airplane and ground support equipment

Fire protection systems for Ground support equipment

If the complex organization of people and vehicles that handle the ground service does not work, no aircraft will take off on time. Although aviation itself is one of the most heavily regulated forms of transportation in the world with high safety requirements, most of these regulations apply to aircraft but not to ground support vehicles that make the logistics possible.

In many industries such as mining, forestry, material handling & public transport today, it is often mandatory to equip the vehicles with a Fire Suppression System to prevent risks and downtime. Correctly designed and installed, a Fire Suppression System from Dafo Vehicle is a fast and effective way of providing protection whilst adhering to worldwide standards and regulations.

With Dafo Vehicle's worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors, service and maintenance, which is an important part of the safety chain, are ensured and downtime is minimized.

With installations all over the world for over 40 years, Dafo Vehicles' Fire Suppression System, has proven its efficiency, reliability, and the lowest life cycle cost on the market.


Fredrik Rosén, Dafo Vehicle HQ;

Fredrik Rosén

Business Manager Middle East, and Africa

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Holger Pfriem

Business Manager Asia and Australasia

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Marcello Sanchez

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