General information

Dafo Vehicle fire suppression system

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection supplies fire detection and suppression systems for applications in heavy vehicles in the following areas:  

  • agriculture 

  • buses and coaches 

  • construction  

  • forestry  

  • ground service equipment 

  • material and cargo handling (ports included) 

  • mining  

  • special applications - generators, military vehicles 

  • transport & freight  

  • waste handling  

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has three main business activities:  

  • Integration (Fire suppression systems integration into OEM production line)  

  • Retrofit (Fire suppression systems installed at the final customer)  

  • Service & Maintenance 


Why Dafo Vehicle? 

Dafo Vehicle is a total risk management service provider that guides and assists our customers every step of the way. To be a trustworthy partner, we are continuous: 

  • Listening to problems within the industry  

  • Researching problems within the industry 

  • Developing solutions that address problems within the industry