SG Ekenheim, Training Manager Dafo Vehicle

Dafo Vehicle Academy training courses

The Dafo Vehicle Academy training courses will give you knowledge of your fire protection system's abilities and help you keep it operating safely for many years. To maintain a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, it is imperative for service personnel and their supervisors to receive the best training possible.

Warranties for our products only apply when the Fire Suppression System (FSS) is maintained by certified personnel.

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How the training works

By combining theory and hands-on application, you will gain more profound knowledge of all aspects of the Dafo Fire Suppression System, including elements like basic design, troubleshooting, maintenance, and service.

The training ensures that you stay up to date on the latest Dafo Vehicle products and regulations in the marketplace. That you gain the technical knowledge needed to reduce the time and cost associated with the maintenance and service of your fire suppression system. It also brings your business knowledge and expertise through an improved understanding of Fire Suppression Systems.

Training courses

Within the Dafo Vehicle Academy training program, we offer several training courses to our distributors, service partners and OEM customers. Each training entitles you to a specific certification level of your Dafo Vehicle certificate. Certificates are valid for three years.

This year, we offer some set days for training on Certificate levels A and B. The price is SEK 17000/EUR 1600 for two days, including theoretical and hands-on training.

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All other training is based on request.

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Certificate level

Training description

To whom

A Service & Maintenance HDME Distributor/OEM/ Service partner
B Service & Maintenance BUS Distributor/OEM/ Service partner
C Factory installer HDME OEM
D Factory installer BUS OEM
E System design & installation Retrofit HDME Distributor
F System design & installation Retrofit BUS Distributor
G Training to trainers HDME Distributor // OEM
H Training to trainers BUS Distributor // OEM
I EV service Distributor
J EV installation Distributor
K System design => Prototype OEM
L Advanced Risk Assessment Distributor // OEM
M Fire Investigation Distributor // OEM


SG Ekenheim, Training & Installation Design Dafo Vehicle;

Sven Gunnar (SG) Ekenheim

International Training & Prototypes

Peter Zurkirchen, Dafo Vehicle Katrineholm;

Peter Zurkirchen

OEM Installation Instructor

Tommy Carnebo;

Tommy Carnebo

Training Manager and EV Risk Specialist