Fire investigations

Bus on fire

We provide expert help to determine the cause of the fire.

When vehicle parts and accessories malfunction and cause fires, this can result in severe property damage and injury or even death. Our mission is to determine the root cause of vehicle fires. Whether due to mechanical failure, electrical failure, negligence, or arson, the results are the same; extensive damage, physical injury, or even death. In most instances, the source of ignition energy in motor vehicle fires is the same as those associated with structural fires, arcs, overloaded wiring, open flames, and smoking materials.    

Determining the cause of a fire can be complex. Often the reason varies between several indirect or underlying causes beyond the primary cause. For instance, a primary cause of the fire could be a hot surface of the exhaust system igniting combustibles. An underlying cause could be a fuel hose rupture caused by abrasion due to a loose attachment caused by an error at the workshop. 

Our team of experts examines the environment where the fire occurred for evidence while collecting and analyzing data. We follow strict NFPA 921 guidelines and standards for fire & explosion investigations. The scientific method determines the most likely origin and cause of the fire. The final hypothesis is determined using deductive reasoning, “Probable & Possible,” which are the two levels of certainty defined by NFPA 921. 

Ultimately, the goal of a vehicle fire investigation is to accurately determine the cause of the fire and design a plan to avoid future fire incidents with safer vehicle design and maintenance procedures.