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Fire protection systems made to improve safety in the waste management and recycling industry

In the waste and recycling industry, the risk of fire is imminent. Data keeps pointing out that the problem is getting worse. The traditional hazards combined with the addition of new types of batteries in our waste and recycling streams, increasing heat around the globe, and many other factors continue to make operations more dangerous. In addition, the strive towards making the world greener is placing even more stress on the waste and recycling infrastructure.

In 2022, the number of fires in the US and Canada reached an all-time high of almost 400. In the UK, around 300 fire incidents occurred. These fires ranged from minor incidents to complete burnouts and occurred in all operations. Despite many improvements in waste fire knowledge and experience, there are still areas where further work is required.

Diamant shredder with a Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Fire risks

There are several types of fire risks, including arson/vandalism, the storage of incompatible materials, ignition of flammable vapours, and electrical faults, plant and equipment failures. Several types of machinery are used in every waste and recycling facility, such as shredders and mobile crushers. Engines, hydraulics, fuel, and electrical installations pose the most significant fire risks in these vehicles. 

Fires involving waste have the potential to cause serious harm. There is the risk of death and/or severe injury from high thermal energy and smoke inhalation. Explosions, sparks and projectiles can harm people and spread the fire. Property damage can be significant and costly. 

Dafo Vehicle Fire Suppression System

With the wide range of fire hazards, the facilities are facing solutions that can mitigate fires as early as possible to avoid significant damage are crucial, especially as the materials processed in waste recycling are getting increasingly dangerous.

Therefore, Dafo Vehicle has developed fire protection systems designed to meet the industry’s needs. We offer well-proven vehicle fire suppression systems for mobile crushers, shredders and other vehicles, which can be installed either at the manufacturer or after delivery. All our fire suppression systems are designed, installed, and maintained following the appropriate standards.

Dafo Vehicle’s systems are easy to maintain and refill on-site, reducing downtime and operational costs when machines often operate in remote places. 

SV K System With CV 01 And Alarm Panel 2

How the system works

The Dafo fire suppression system consists of four integrated elements;

DetectionAlarmSuppression and Control, which work together in a coordinated, fast and efficient way to suppress fires. The detection system consists of a linear heat detector wire. It has a fixed temperature sensor with an alarm signal triggered when the activation temperature of 180°C is reached. This signal punctures the burst disc of the propellant gas cartridge, which releases nitrogen into the agent container.


The Forrex liquid is distributed to the nozzles through the pipe system. At the same time, the alarm system is activated, and an alarm horn in the vehicle and a light signal in the panel will warn the driver. The liquid agent will push away the oxygen, cool down the overheated engine parts, impregnate the burning material, stick to surfaces and effectively prevent re-ignition. The Forrex is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. 


The control unit has a Real-time Clock and Event Log that allows access to historical data, making it possible to analyze previous events.


Machine operating in the recycling industry

A burning concern: minimising risks and ensuring safety in the evolving waste sector