EV GUARD - Portable CO sensor

Portable CO-Sensor

The EV-GUARD is a portable CO-sensor detection that consists of four Sensors Modules and one Sensor Case Pack. The solution is based on patented technology by Dafo Vehicle.

The Sensor Modules are designed to be fitted to an EV and provide early detection and warning when critical levels of CO-gases are detected, preventing/delaying thermal runaway. The Sensor Modules will alarm through optical signals, and they will also communicate with the Sensor Case Pack, which will alert with visual and acoustic warnings. Information regarding the EV-GUARD’s status (alarm, fault, etc.) will be sent via SMS and E-mail to a specified person. 

User groups

With the increasing use of EVs, the risk of thermal runaway has escalated. At Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection AB, we are working to make electrification safe by focusing on preventing/delaying thermal runaway. We have identified groups that need quick and early detection of potential thermal runaway ignition to make it possible for them to take appropriate actions quickly. These are First and Second Responders, Tow Truckers, Auto Mechanics, and people working with Automotive Quarantine 

Fire fighter

First and Second Responders

In accidents or other scenarios involving EVs, first and second responders can place the sensor modules onto the vehicle and quickly be alarmed if danger levels are reached.

Two trucker

Tow Truckers

The tow trucker can worry-free tow the EV after placing the sensors modules. The system will warn the tow trucker, who then can find a safe location to offload the vehicle and evacuate the area.

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Auto Mechanics

Auto Mechanics at a workshop can fit sensor modules to the EV before work is started. If the sensors start alarming, they can then follow procedures and evacuate the workshop.

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EVs that are sent to the impound will be put in a specific facility where they will be in quarantine. The sensors will alert people nearby and send an SMS and E-mail to the person in charge.

The product release is planned for after summer 2022. If you are interested to know more about the product or in becoming a distributor, please get in touch. 


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