Project Tord

Dafo Energy Storage Protection is participating in a project together with the Swedish company Wireflow that is developing a system for battery cell testing. The project called Tord is co-funded by Vinnova, Toyota Material Handling, and WireFlow and will be finalized during the summer. 

The objective of Project Tord is to design a prototype that can perform tests for Lithium-Ion cells. In the test rig, the cells will be tested for many different scenarios. Dafo Energy Storage Protection is providing its expertise and products in terms of fire protection. Sensors have been installed in the test rig that will indicate any sign of fire in the electronic parts.

“We are very happy to be a part of this project and to contribute with our knowledge of safety in terms of fire protection in such an important area like this” says Kristoffer Eldin, CEO at Dafo Energy Storage Protection.

A mini container with a Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection fire suppression system has also been supplied to be used for additional testing. The basis of Dafo Vehicle’s fire suppression system is the suppression agent Forrex™ which combines the features of liquid and dry chemicals, includes unique and propriety tailormade solutions and further on will cool down the overheated engine parts in case of a thermal event.

“Instant detection of fire is essential, especially when it comes to Lithium-Ion batteries as the consequences of a thermal runaway fire can be devastating”, concludes Kristoffer.