Dafo expands in Sweden

The company Svensk Brandservice becomes part of Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection.

Svensk Brandservice has long been one of the country's leading companies in manufacturing and installation of fire suppression systems for heavy vehicles. The company, which is based in Katrineholm, has since its inception in 1982 worked closely with Dafo.

“We are glad that Svensk Brandservice has become part of Dafo Vehicle as they have been a valuable partner of Dafo for over 40 years. All the 26 employees will remain and now we are looking for larger premises in Katrineholm, "says Mikael Persson, CEO of Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection.

Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection has just signed a five-year contract with the German bus manufacturer MAN and the goal is to increase exports and sales to large customers such as MAN, Epiroc and Scania.

"The increased demand in the market means that our sales will increase in the next three years and production will thereby grow in Katrineholm," continues Mikael Persson.

“We see an exciting future ahead of us and we are very happy to be part of Dafo's expansive vehicle business,” says Ingemar Gustavsson, former CEO of Svensk Brandservice.

Dafo Vehicle also opens operations in Northern part of Sweden.

Responsible for the initiative is Dafo's former partner Christer Summanen.

Initially 4-5 people will be employed, one of whom is Christer's son. Both Christer and his son have extensive experience in vehicle fire protection with responsibility for customers such as the large Swedish mining companies Boliden and LKAB.

“The northern part of Sweden is today one of Sweden's most expansive markets with many large mining projects and it is an attractive region for our continued expansion and our goal is to be close to the customers, "says Mikael Persson, CEO of Dafo Vehicle Protection.

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