Dafo Brand is leading an extinguishing system innovation project for electric and hybrid vehicles

The use of lithium-ion batteries increases and the capacity of the batteries keep getting better. More and more vehicles on the roads are electric or hybrid vehicles and a large-scale conversion to electric buses has just begun around Europe.

There are some concerns regarding the handling of accident-impaired electric vehicles. Therefore, big resources are being invested in the security of hybrid, charge-hybrid and electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries. As a result of this, Dafo Brand has got a development project granted by Horizon 2020 – EU’s largest framework program for research and innovation.

“This project means that we will develop a combined monitoring and extinguishing system for lithium-ion batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles. The big increase in electric vehicles, not least in public transport, makes this a very important and exciting mission”, says Johan Balstad, Vehicle Fire Protection Manager at Dafo Brand AB, Sweden.