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Dafo Vehicle Service Provider Network

We need your help

We have decided to conduct a complete review of our service network worldwide. OEMs and other global partners are more frequently demanding this information. Therefore, we are kindly asking for your help in gathering the data.

In your area, what does your service provider network look like? Where do you have service hubs for our products? What cities and regions do they cover? 

Based on your information, we will create a map to show the Dafo Vehicle global service network. This will, of course, be shared with you to facilitate your everyday life in contact with global customers. 

We look forward to receiving the information at your earliest convenience.

If you already have an existing list, you can upload it below.

Otherwise, you can use the provided Excel sheet to fill in your details To the Excel sheet. When completed, you can upload it below or send it by email to

We thank you for your cooperation!

Our Service Network

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