Emergency Response On Vehicles 2023

Fire fighters working on a burning car

The fire and rescue services get together in France

On May 10-12, 2023, The Emergency Response on Vehicles #IUV23 conference is taking place at the fire fighting training center in Vienne, France.

This conference focused on fire and rescue services brings together around 500 participants from 19 countries. Dafo Vehicle will be attending as an exhibitor as well as a keynote speaker.

Risk Management Specialist Tommy Carnebo and Business Manager for Benelux and France, Rémy Cimino, will present a workshop during the conference called "Automatic extinguishing system for HV battery thermal runaway and thermal runaway detection for rescuers: the DAFO solution”. 

If you want to know more about the event or our products, please get in touch.


Dafo Vehicle - Remy Cimino;

Rémy Cimino

Business Manager France & Benelux

Tommy Carnebo;

Tommy Carnebo

Risk Management Specialist