E-Mobilita 2023

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Glaso Trade represents Dafo Vehicle at E-Mobilita 2023

At the E-Mobilita conference in Ostrava on February 15th, 2023, Glaspo Trade (Dafo Vehicle distributor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) was present to show some new products.

As a solution to specific battery-related risks, Dafo Vehicle has developed an early warning detection system solution called SafEV™. The system will detect potential battery failure at the earliest possible stage and take immediate action by cooling, using the suppression agent Forrex EV™. This will effectively stop or delay a potentially hazardous situation without the fire developing further. The solution can protect electric vehicle batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles.

Glaspo Trade, through its representative Daniel Novák, showed how these products improve the performance and safety of electric cars and contribute to reducing the environmental impact. Participating in this conference was a crucial step that will allow Glaspo Trade to strengthen its position in the automotive market and offer customers quality products corresponding to the latest trends and innovations.

E-mobility conference Czech Republic
E-Mobility 2023 Czech Republic