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Here you can find answers on our most common questions! If you can't find your answer here don't hesitate to contact our experts! / Dafo Vehichle


Where can I find distributors nere me?

You can go to the Find Dristributor page!

I want to be contacted by an expert. Who do I contact?

You can call us! Or you can send a mail and we will call you back.

I'm stuck on the road. Can you pick me up?

Noo! But if you call Esatto we can sing you a song / Pontus


I have a question that I need help answering. Who do I contact?

You can call to us directly on 08-09 843 343. Or you can contact the distributor that is closest to you. You find them here http://test.dafo-vehicle.com/find-distributor/


Can I contact someone special if I have technical trubbel?

Yes you can contact our experts on that aria by calling 08-434 43 11