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Fire protection for buses and coaches

Bus transportation is vital for the society, both within urban transportation as well as for providing a high-quality travel experience.

Passenger safety is top priority for any bus operator and manufacturer and vehicle uptime ensures a healthy business continuity.  

Statistics confirm that a lot of buses catch fire and most of the bus fires starts in the engine compartment. Engine parts, hydraulics, fuel and electrical installations in combination with a hot environment in the engine compartment pose the greatest fire risks in buses. These fires often evolve very quickly and leave short time for evacuating the passengers from the bus and if the fire is not suppressed in time it might cause fatalities and significant financial losses. 

A tested and certified vehicle fire suppression system in combination with a reliable fire detection system is the best first line of response in case of an emergency such as at a thermal incident. 

Over the years Dafo has obtained vast experience and knowledge from our end user installations which have been used as a basis for eliminating false alarms and false releases. As a result of the development Dafo can today proudly present three different state of the art reliable solutions for buses and coaches both without vulnerable and pressurized agent tanks. 

Limited maintenance and superior system reliability of a Dafo Vehicle system contributes to a high vehicle uptime and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) which is essential for the profitability of bus companies. 

Our experienced engineers understand the life cycle of a bus. Starting off with the factory integration where we design the system to support the bus OEM installation process and at the same time we assure that service availability for the end user is supported.

Dafo Vehicle’s fire suppression systems are approved as a component with regard to UNECE Regulation No. 107 and P-marked in accordance with SPCR 183. Our systems are also certified to fulfil local regulations where applicable.    

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Passenger safety is top priority for Dafo Vehicle. Creating a Fire Suppression System that combines superior reliability with a valuable low TCO is a challenge that our engineers have solved in an impressive way

Jonas Bergström

Business Manager - Bus and Coach

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