Dafo Middle East

Dafo Middle East started to represent Dafo in late 2016 and became Dafo Middle East in 2019. Their main business area is buses & ports. The transport segment is a big market in the Middle East with thousands of school buses & labor transport buses. They are also focusing a lot on the ports and have many installations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Iraq.

Their biggest challenge so far to grow in their territory has been the general mindset towards fire safety for vehicles, which has somehow been left out while the focus has been mostly on building fires. They have approached authorities for implementing regulations, and during the past two years, they have seen a rising awareness of fire safety for vehicles, not only in the UAE but also in our neighboring countries. In 2019 one of their team members was invited to join a road safety delegation to Kuwait, Oman & Qatar together with Business Sweden and the Swedish Ambassador to the UAE to promote Swedish companies and products and it was much appreciated by their governments.

In three years’ time, they hope to have launched their Saudi Arabia office and to have caught-up on fire safety awareness in their neighboring countries.

We asked if they would like to give some advice to other distributors around the world and this is their reply.
"The ongoing pandemic has been a big challenge for many of us. The way it has changed our way of living and how we do business has affected everyone in some sort of way. I think it is important that we are open to flexibility, new solutions and to use the technology that is available for us. By using online services we can, not only do business meetings but also provide basic service training and service support directly from our warehouse with step-by-step live instructions. The pandemic has opened up for more online acceptance for tasks that before were to be provided face to face or onsite. This is of course a money saver and time saver solution for both ends."