Dafo Brasil

Dafo Brasil started working as a distributor for Dafo Vehicle at the beginning of 2017. Their main business areas are Forestry, Mining, and Ports. Agriculture is also a growing area.

Today they have bases in the main areas (Southeast and South), where their larger clients are. The challenges are, as they grow to other areas (North, Northeast, and Central), to find a local structure and personnel to join their team. Expanding to other areas, as Brazil is such a large country and with current and potential clients spread all around, is a must for their business to grow.

In 3 years they see themselves as the market leader in the Forestry industry. Their plan is to establish branch offices in the north of Brazil, where they are exponentially increasing their presence with a growing amount of customers and more and more installations taking place.

We asked if they would like to give some advice to other distributors around the world and this is their reply.

"Especially to the new distributors, my advice would be to trust the product, trust in Dafo Vehicle. When we first began, it was a lot of hard work, holding presentations, having long discussions, and the result would not come very quickly. All the time spent in the beginning, the first 2 years especially, being persistent, resilient, and not giving up will pay off, trust me!"


Dafo Brasil