Dafo Australia

Dafo Australia has been working with Dafo Vehicle for just over three years. At the moment their main business area is Port Container Handlers, but they are also looking to grow in the agriculture and stationery equipment (Compressors, etc) markets.

In three years they believe that they will have a greater focus on HEV/EV protection as they foresee this sector as a great opportunity to grow and become market leaders.

We asked if they had any advice that you would like to share with the other Dafo Vehicle distributors around the globe, and this was their reply.

"Ensure you are well aware and informed of proposed or impending regulatory changes in your area, particularly around the global issues surrounding PFAS firefighting foams, and relay this information to your Dafo Vehicle representative. It is an extremely dynamic situation that I have first-hand experience with, and you need to be ahead of the game to proactively react to any changes that are implemented... Never stand still!! This is particularly critical for OEM installations."

Dafo Australia car on worksite