ASM Global

ASM Global has been working with Dafo Vehicle for less than a year. They are currently directing their efforts into two main areas in the marketplace, mining and buses. However whenever they will see any other market that has a need they are ready to supply and service this requirement.

We asked where they will see themselves three years from now. "Unfortunately, my crystal ball is as clear as mud. However, GOD willing our endeavors to expand and forge new and long-lasting relationships with the many new clients is our wish. So hopefully we will have a very large footprint in the Zambian marketplace."

For other Dafo Vehicle distributors and customers, they would like to share the following advice. 

"Unfortunately, I may be one of the youngest of the Dafo team so I have not yet the rich experience of having that much to share. However, I strongly believe that a simple life lesson would be best to give. Let us all strive to assist each other in making the lives around us better. Remember our products save lives firstly. These are the primary most important, people to elements in our businesses."

ASM Global. Two men shaking hands