Acriplan Brandskydd

Acriplan started their journey together with Dafo Vehicle in February 2020. Their main business area is Agriculture where they do installations and conduct services on combine harvesters. They also work a lot in the Construction area with excavators, wheel loaders, and forklifts.

As they started working with Dafo Vehicle right in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak they have had to work very hard to market Acriplan as an installer and service provider in their area. It has been though, but they have a positive feeling for 2021. The top priority for this year will be to extend their customer base.

In three years their ambition is that their installation and service division will constitute 35% of their total turnover.

We asked if they would like to share any advice with the other Dafo Vehicle distributors and customers around the globe and here is what they said:
"We are convinced that we have the best product available on the market today. It is important to be determined if you are going to be successful and dare to dream big and aim high even if the conditions are tough. During hard times like these, our competitors are facing the same difficulties and that is when you need to put in the extra effort to get ahead."
Two members of the company Acriplan